Historical postcard with stylized text that reads “Greetings from Michigan.” The design features white line drawings on a black background of a fisherman and a male deer. Various colorful city and landscapes are within the block letters of “Michigan.”
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Greetings from Michigan Magnet - Design #1

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The "Greetings from" postcard format was popularized in the United States by German-born printer Curt Teich. His company, operating out of Chicago, introduced these colorful "linen" postcards in 1931, and they remained popular tourist items through the 1950s and beyond. Whether showcasing a famous national landmark or the smallest of towns, "Greetings from" postcards made any place into an exciting and attractive destination.

This 2" x 3" rectangle magnet features "Greetings from Michigan," a historical postcard from the collections at the Archives of Michigan.

All magnets are printed and assembled at the Michigan History Center in Lansing, Michigan.

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