Our Story

Become a Michiganologist!

Deep in the halls of the Michigan History Center, underneath the museum exhibits and archival material that chronicle Michigan’s past, you will find a small room with a large white door. Just above this door’s handle, you will see a small, thin, blue label that says “Michiganology”. This room is the design space, meeting room, production floor, and shipping center for Michiganology. But who are we and what do we do? Michiganology came to fruition when the Michigan History Foundation and the Archives of Michigan developed a partnership to transform the unique historical materials of the Archives of Michigan into products for all to enjoy.

Our mission is simple: Michiganology is a for-purpose project of the Michigan History Center that inspires curiosity about Michigan’s history, creates ambassadors of Michigan pride, and connects people through a common Michigan identity. We want to inspire our followers to become a “Michiganologist” - someone who is curious about Michigan, shares its stories, and understands Michigan’s unique identity. As a for-purpose project, all proceeds go towards free public programs at the Michigan History Center. We hope you enjoy the exciting material we have chosen and it inspires you to become a Michiganologist.

"Fighting the Future with Archives"

At Michiganology, we may be archivists and historians, but at our core we are history nerds. History surrounds us; it motivates us every day. We are devoted to our craft and enthusiastic about everything that is Michigan. With each Michiganology product, you are getting a piece of Michigan history that is handpicked by us and reflects everything great about our state. At the Archives of Michigan we are not just reviving the past, we’re fighting the future!