Beer label for Dark Horse Ale featuring a man riding a black horse with text in blue, white, and red on a black background. Text reads “Dark Horse Ale “Always a winner” Internal Revenue Tax Paid Brewed & Bottled by Wolverine Brewing Co. Pontiac, Mich.”
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Dark Horse Ale Label Magnet

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This 2" x 3" rectangle magnet features the label for Dark Horse Ale produced by Wolverine Brewing Company.

The Wolverine Brewing Company of Pontiac, Michigan, was founded in August 1933. It produced and bottled Wolverine Beer, and later Dark Horse Ale, throughout the 1930s. The company was still operating during World War II, but wartime restrictions proved too difficult for the brewery to maintain a foothold in the brewing business and it subsequently closed in 1943.

The State of Michigan required makers of beer and wine to register labels of alcoholic products with the Commerce Commission.  While this practice was discontinued in the 1950s, the Archives of Michigan maintains the historic collection of Michigan-made brews from the early to mid-twentieth century. 

All magnets are printed and assembled at the Michigan History Center in Lansing, Michigan.

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