1839 Tourist's Pocket Map Puzzle
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1839 Tourist's Pocket Map Puzzle

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This 1839 "Tourist's Pocket Map of Michigan" once exhibited more than its internal improvements, roads and distances. First published by S. Augustus Mitchell in 1834, the map went through a variety changes from its original publication date to 1846. It was called a "Tourist's Pocket Map" as a result of its literal function. It could be folded into a small 12x7.5 inch booklet that could fit into any tourist's pocket.

This beautifully colored map of Michigan has now been transformed from a pocket map to puzzle for all to enjoy. Approximate dimensions are 17" x 24"

Visit the Archives of Michigan Map Collection website to discover thousands of great maps similar to this one!

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is printed, pressed, and assembled in Lansing, Michigan!

*Disclaimer: This puzzle is hand pressed by a Michiganology team member. Therefore, each puzzle comes out differently and will not fully match the image on the puzzle's box.* 

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