Colorful historical map of Mackinac Island featuring cartoonish drawings at landmarks. Puzzle cover text reads “500 Piece Puzzle Full Image Insert Included inside this box! Mackinac Island, Most Historic Spot in Michigan, 1955 Box image varies from puzzle dimensions. Some assembly required. Approximate dimensions: 17 in. x 24 in.”
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Mackinac Island, Most Historic Spot in Michigan, 1955 Puzzle

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Michigan artist Irene Young created this beautiful drawing of Mackinac Island in 1955. Irene was the wife of Earl Young, the famous architect of the 'mushroom houses' in Charlevoix, Michigan. While Earl was the designer, it was Irene who produced drawings of his vision on paper. This stunning portrayal of Mackinac Island is just another example of her creative skill and artistic ability.

Features a historical image from the collections at the Archives of Michigan. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is printed, pressed, and assembled in Lansing, Michigan. Approximate dimensions are 17" x 24"

*Disclaimer: This puzzle is hand-pressed by a Michiganology team member. Therefore, each puzzle comes out differently and will not fully match the image on the puzzle's box.* 

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