The fronts of four round bottle opener magnets featuring a drawing of Michigan State University’s Spartan Statue with various college flags behind it, an exterior drawing of Michigan State University’s Beaumont Tower, a campus scene with men walking around outside a dormitory, and a bird’s eye view drawing of a football field with two enlarged football players in green jerseys in the middle.
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Michigan State University, Bottle Opener Magnet 4-Pack

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This collection of four 2.25" round bottle opener magnets features details from Carl D. Johnson's beautiful 1955 illustration of Michigan State University. The pack includes Macklin Field, Beaumont Tower, the Spartan Statue, and a campus scene around the men's dormitories.

All magnets are printed and assembled at the Michigan History Center in Lansing, Michigan.

For a limited time, each magnet 4-pack ships with a surprise fifth magnet!

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